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Yum: Colombian Chocolate y Queso

Chocolate y Queso

Chocolate y Queso


In Colombia, you are never too young or too old to drink hot chocolate: it is a staple drink at breakfast or for a snack. The chocolate is incredibly tasty, even though it is made with water instead of milk. It's served with a slice of their standard cheese, which is slightly salty (like feta) and sour, and the consistency is a bit rubbery, not crumbly. We never quite figured out if you're supposed to just dip the cheese in the hot chocolate or break it into little pieces and let it soak in the chocolate, so we did the latter and ate it with a spoon, like a chocolate and cheese soup. The cheese doesn't melt, like you think it might. I'm not sure how to explain why it's good, but it's incredibly yummy and comforting, especially on a cold day!

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