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  • have camped 8 of the last 9 nights. was on a good streak but i think my injured butt needs a bed tonight! ouch. #
  • got tossed off horse while cantering. accd'ing 2 wiki, i don't have a concussion. accd'ing 2 any1 w common sense, i'm not a horseback rider. #
  • today: horseback riding/looking for hobbits, then warthog for dinner. Feeling very Frodo. #Hogsback #SouthAfrica #
  • currently camping @ the uber-sustainable Terra Khaya in #Hogsback which is supposedly the inspiration for Lord of the Rings #
  • there's something really magical abt watching 50 elephants from 25 ft away. no lions but still loved 1st 'safari' experience @ #Addo #
  • Also, our day started with seeing two baboons fornicating on the side of the highway. And that was before we got to the wildlife park! #
  • Spotted today @ #AddoElephantPark elephant (obv), warthog, zebra, duiker, kudu, jackal, mongoose, tortoise, & lots of birds. Lions tmrw...? #
  • Could've stayed weeks/months @ the lovely Wild Spirit in #NaturesValley but peeled ourselves away to keep experiencing more of #SouthAfrica #

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