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  • I gave Nick a haircut the other day & he shaved all facial hair last night. He's looking fresh out of high school! #
  • Starting the 2 or 3 day bus trip to #Malawi tomorrow. #Mozambique has been fun, but Malawi is supposed to be amazing (and a lot cheaper!) #
  • Really want to go diving tomorrow but need to watch the cash flow. Damn, I didn't need another expensive hobby! But I'm obsessed! #
  • Saw someone wearing an "FBI: Female Body Inspector" t-shirt on a ferry in #Mozambique yesterday. A little piece of home away from home? #DC #
  • had a wonderful sailboat trip to the #Bazurto Archipelago- swimming, walking around the entire island, snorkeling & seafood of course! #
  • Just when we were getting annoyed with how little you get for your money in #Mozambique we bought 14 mangoes for $0.40. Back on track! #
  • enjoying the beach, slow pace of life, seafood, and open water diving certification class (Claudia) here in #Tofo #Mozambique! #

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