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  • Related: screw @Avis for charging a $28 "service fee" per ticket just for handing over speeding tickets to another agency who will bill us. #
  • "We" have broken 2 kindles in 2 months and "we" got 3 speeding tickets in South Africa. Ah ... marriage and travel ... good times! #
  • OH (Ugandans):woman entering 5person cab w 7 ppl:"how can u pack us in here like cassava?How can u do this to humans?" man:"This is Uganda!" #
  • Spending our last 48 hours in Africa pigging out on wifi, reading, relaxing. On Tuesday morning we'll be in #Kolkata #India....?!?! #
  • So moved by the work our friend Lynn is doing in #Uganda Today she opened her first community center. Cutest. Kids. Ever. #ConnectAfrica #
  • Spent a lovely few days hiking and climbing in #SipiFalls #Uganda. Now hanging out with a friend near #Kampala and learning about her NGO. #

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