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Video Dump 6: Southeast Asia

Hello and welcome to our sixth and likely final video dump. This one covers our time in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Enjoy!

First, here are two more videos of the election night celebration in Mandalay, Myanmar:

Next, a Thingyan (New Years celebration / water fight) stage in Yangon:

And now, a "graduation" party we came across where some novice Buddhist monks were celebrating finishing their time at the monastery:

A few seconds of peace with a butterfly patch in a field in northern Laos:

The Vietnamese love their caged birds, and here's one with a unique skill:

Finally, here's some fodder for the pub quiz: Hanoi has the world's largest ceramic mosaic. Here's a section of it (with bonus motorbikes and assorted street traffic):

Video Dump 5: India and Nepal

It's time for another round-up of videos we took that didn't quite make it into our posts. This one will cover India and Nepal. Enjoy!

First, from our first stop in India, an aerial view of the madness at the Howrah flower market in Kolkata

Next, some young Nepali men on the street rocking out on traditional fiddles in Darjeeling, India

Then a few peaceful moments of Tibetan Prayer Flags flying above Pelling, Sikkim, India

And a few more peaceful moments from our pre-dawn boat ride on the Ganges River in Varanasi

Moving on to Nepal, a panorama from the best viewpoint on our five-day trek

And finally, some rather inebriated gentlemen dancing in the street at Holi in Pokhara.

Video Dump 4: Tanzania

We loved Tanzania, and found so many parts of it so photogenic that inevitably took too many videos (is videogenic a word?), so here's another dump of those videos that didn't make their way into any of our posts.

One video of the adorable chimpanzees of Gombe Stream National Park:

If you weren't sure before, here's proof that baboons are dumb as stumps:

Two breathtaking videos from the middle of the Kilimanjaro climb, from camp on day 3:

...and day 5:

And an interview with the crew to see how they're feeling a few hours before making the summit push:

Video Dump 3: Argentina, South Africa

Whoops, it's been a little too long since we went back and found all the videos that didn't make their way into a blog post, so this round-up takes us all the way back to the end of our South America leg, and into the beginning of our Africa leg!

First, a huge drum troupe walking through the streets of our Buenos Aires neighborhood, preceded by a gaggle of blissful dancers:

Next, a group of Bolivians showing off a traditional dance at the Mataderos street fair:

Moving over to Africa, here's a quick view of Cape Town's famed Table Mountain being covered by its "tablecloth":

Finally, moments after Claudia and I took our turns riding ostriches, the professionals took over and showed us how it's done:

Video Dump 2

Here are a few videos we've taken that haven't found their way into our last few posts.

First, the most pigeons we've ever seen, at Plaza Murillo in La Paz Bolivia. Also, there were people selling bags of corn with signs saying something like: "Sterilization: instead of a cruel death". We think they irradiate the corn to make the pigeons infertile, but we're all ears on other explanations.

Next, lots of beautiful and weird scenery from the Southwest Bolivia trip:

Videos: Bogota, Salento, Galapagos

While we put the finishing touches on our next and last Galapagos post (and a few other goodies we're working on for you), here are some videos we've taken on the trip. Uploading videos takes a long time and a lot of patience with the hostel and cyber cafe Internet connections we've been forced to use, so while we'd love to upload videos faster so that we can include them in the post where we're talking about the subject matter, it won't always be possible and we might have to resort to a video dump like this at times when our Internet connection is more reliable.

You can always view all our videos on the butforthesky youtube page.

Here is a video of an exhibit at Bogota's gold museum. We were in a round, enclosed room with the walls covered in ancient gold artifacts. For about 3-5 minutes, lights lit up and then dimmed again around the room, above and below us, and the sound of pre-Colombian priests chanting came from all sides.

Here's a silly little video I took of people waiting in line for the funicular to descend Monserrate in Bogota.

Here's a few seconds of our open-air jeep ride with around 12 other people from the Valle del Cocora back to Salento, Colombia.

And finally, here is a video of the daily migration of marine iguanas on the beach on Isabela island in the Galapagos. Every afternoon, hundreds of iguanas made this trek from the safety of the ocean to the porches and walls of our hostel. By all moving at once, and gathering in just a few spots, the young are safer from introduced predators such as dogs and rats.