About Us

Hi, we’re Nick and Claudia, and we’re traveling around the world. We consider Washington DC home, but in late June, 2011, we put our belongings in storage, rented out our apartment, packed our bags, and hit the road. We’ll be abroad for about a year, hitting South America, Southern and Eastern Africa, India, Nepal, Southeast Asia, and Europe. We got married in Maryland in May, and we figured this was a good chance to take a break and do something for ourselves.

Nick grew up in Boston, went to college in Maine, and then moved to DC for a government consulting job he was at for four years. Looking for a change of pace, he enrolled in a Masters degree program in Computer Science at the University of Maryland. In his free time, he enjoys reading, mustaches, the Red Sox, geeking out on the Internet, seeing live music, and being outdoors (especially rock climbing).

Claudia grew up outside DC, went to George Washington University, and has been working in DC ever since. She’s as close to a native as it gets. In her spare time (which she remembers fondly and is excited to have again), she enjoys hanging out with friends, planning things, her love-hate relationship with her cats, recycling, dancing to Wallpaper (the band, not the 1970s interior design disaster), drinking coconut water, and eating delicious meals home-cooked by her girl friends.

During this year, we hope to spend tons of time outdoors, explore new cultures and cuisines, wander foreign cities, climb mountains, volunteer, practice our Spanish, take a few dancing and cooking classes, read, learn to live more simply, and relax.

Please join us on this journey!