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If you want to stay on top of what we write here, there are lots of great ways:


First, and probably simplest, if you give us your email address below, you’ll get an email every time we make a new post:

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Second, you can subscribe via rss. rss is a great way to stay on top of all the sites you’re interested in. By using it, you don’t have to come here to see if we’ve written anything new (and do the same with all your other favorite sites); instead, you create an account with an rss aggregator (or you might have one built into your browser), and all the updates come to you at that one place!

Look for this icon:  in your browser’s location bar. Click it and choose “Subscribe to Feed” or “Subscribe as Live Bookmark”. Then, every time we update the site, the new post will be accessible right from your bookmarks bar.

If you want a richer experience, you might like Google Reader. Once you’ve set up an account there, click “Add Subscription” and just put in our blog’s address:

If that doesn’t work, or if you’re using another reader, the direct link to our rss feed is

Twitter / Facebook

Finally, if you use Twitter or Facebook, you can “follow” or “like” us, and be notified whenever we make a new post. You can find us on twitter at @butforthesky, and on facebook at But For The Sky.