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  • hiked around a crater lake today, heading to Quito tomorrow! @Jeff_Poops_On_U – we're loving your people and your homeland 🙂 #
  • just bought a big bag of berries, 2 avocados & 2 cucumbers for $2 & walked around Otavalo's amazing Saturday artisan market. Ecuador FTW! #
  • HOW IS THIS EVEN REAL!? http://t.co/3jg8JiU

    ps. his name is iPod. #

  • After 24 hours of buses and lines at the Colombia-Ecuador border, we're at our hostel and clean. Now only a beer and a meal away from 100%. #
  • favorite food chain names in Colombia so far: 'Pizza Vomito' and 'American Broasted Chicken' #college #bros #
  • In the lovely Zona Cafetera & visited a coffee farm today. Learned Vietnam was the #2 coffee producing country in the world- unexpected! #
  • halfway through a seven hour busride (covering ~150mi) to colombia's coffee zone, one that started with a narrowly averted screwdriver fight #


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  1. Cheller Avatar

    Colombian chocolate or wine in Rome? Both are bueno and buono

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