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  • in #Tupiza & heading on a jeep tour of the SW tmrw- colored lakes, salt flats, weird rock formations, flamingos etc! http://t.co/EvgOSUi #
  • Out of 5 services we canceled before leaving the US (Pepco, Verizon, TMobile, AT&T, Directv), only 1 got it right: thanks @directv! #
  • At a cafe with wifi in #LaPaz It's 6 pm and everyone is just sitting around eating cake. <3 South America #
  • Pro tip: go to the bathroom as many times as possible before going mountain biking. Or, don't drink a giant cappuccino before setting out. #
  • Wow! Completed 4 errands in under 2 hours. Now if we could just find some decent wifi…Mañana Tupiza and Salar de Uyuni tour. Can't wait! #
  • The wifi here goes out at 8 pm… to save electricity. I'm off to make saltine/dulce de leche sandwiches #Bolivia #forcedtechnoliday #
  • Taking a few days of much-needed chill out time in a bungalow on the hills above #Coroico #Bolivia. Doing almost nothing is amazing! #
  • Survived the "Death Road", played with adorable rescued monkeys; now arrived at enchanting bungalow near Coroico! #
  • Biking down 'the world's most dangerous road' today: starts at 4760 m and ends at 1180 m. Wish us luck! #Bolivia #LaPaz #


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