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  • Anyone know why coffee is always served with seltzer in Argentina? Palate cleanser? Hydration? Luckily I haven't seen anyone mix the two! #
  • Asked for the cheapest toothpaste at the pharmacy; it tastes like black licorice! I only know abt 2 people who would be as thrilled as I am! #
  • Road trip near #Salta going well: today we ate casuelo de cabrito (very tender goat) basically on someone's patio, #Cafayate wine tour tmrw! #
  • Argentina so far: delicious wine,meat& empanadas; rat tails galore; great folkloric music. Training ourselves to not eat dinner before 10pm! #
  • heading out on a 3-day (not all paved) road trip to Cachi & Cafayate in a few. Wish us luck! I'm just glad Nick will be doing the driving 🙂 #
  • last night: most fun night in South America so far at La Casona Del Molino in #Salta wine, steak, musicians busting out in song. amazing! #
  • In #Salta #Argentina where Salteñas come from! Weather's warm for a change &very Euro feel compared to the last 4 countries. Road trip tmrw! #
  • beers tonight at The Alamo in #Tupiza diner food, awesome 60s & 70s music videos + CDs hung from ceiling a la Fabio Fabiano = homesick #
  • back from an amazing 4 days in southwest Bolivia- unreal landscapes, great guide/driver and cook, fun travel buddies. Argentina tomorrow! #


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  1. You do realize that our friendship is now based solely on whether or not you bring me licorice toothpaste?

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