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  • Hiking in #Tsitsikamma NP today. Feinbos, forest, lagoon, beach…now waiting on organic chicken dinner. Loving every minute of #SouthAfrica #
  • Claudia's haircut by the hostel owner was a success! Back to short. Best part? It was free & the view of the mountains was amazing #
  • Saw baboons while canoeing today. For this area, it's pretty much like seeing deer while driving in the US but I still thought it was badass #
  • Yesterday: oysters in #Knysna & hiking around #RobbergPenninsula Today: hostel owner giving Claudia a haircut, then kayaking. #
  • I'll say this: I love South America, but the hostels here in South Africa are 10X better: cozy, camping areas, hot water, pets, ridic views! #
  • currently camping @ The Wild Spirit in #NaturesValley #SouthAfrica: horses, a family of 5 orange cats (!), tons of recycling, huge fireplace #
  • loved staying @ The Wild Farm in #Wilderness #SouthAfrica for 2 nights, where they let you take whatever you want from their garden #
  • hiked to a waterfall in Wilderness Nat'l Park this AM. Now chillin on the lawn looking @ the Indian Ocean. #GardenRoute you're alright! #
  • *one* of us just accidentally shattered a glass door (sober). On the plus side, we cooked our entire meal from the garden @ our farm/hostel #
  • um, we just rode ostriches. Not sure how I feel about this, but you know the saying, when in Oudtshoorn… #
  • yesterday: two Stellenbosch wineries, then camped at a farm in Montagu with tons of dogs, horses, peacocks #
  • Driving stick shift on the 'British' side of the road is a lot of work. Still don't know which side to look for oncoming traffic. Sorry,Avis #
  • Camping in #Stellenbosch tonight. The wifi reaches the tent #fakeroughingit #5dollarswellspent #
  • Today: #WesternCape National Park- spotted a Cape Cobra & lots of ostriches; picnicked at a beautiful lagoon. Hit up 2 wineries in #Paarl #
  • spent our last day in Cape Town drivng False Bay, Chapman's Peak, sunset @ Signal Hill, dinner w a good friend. Up Western Cape today! #


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  1. Now I have to add riding an ostrich to my life goals

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