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  • With gratitude, wonderful memories, and smiles on our faces, we bid farewell to South America, our home for the last 3.5 months. #
  • The lowdown on #overland tours in #Africa | The Road Forks http://t.co/RRhVnKpv #
  • Enjoying the bottle of Malbec we bought in Mendoza & heading out for a final steak dinner at La Brigada. Really gonna miss #BuenosAires #
  • Last night in South America before Africa! "I'm so excited… I'm so excited… I'm so scared!" #
  • Saw Les Mentettes @LaTrastiendaBA tonight- great show & venue reminded us of @930clubDC !! #
  • Proof of onward travel is really dumb. I hate buying bus/plane tickets that we're not going to use just to show that we'll leave a country. #
  • Spending a very rainy spring day indoors in Buenos Aires. Hoping the weather shapes up for our last weekend in South America #
  • Thinking we could make it to #Mali for this after all… http://t.co/YIbg1Y4F !! #
  • Going to see these guys Friday! http://www.lesmentettes.com.ar #
  • I would describe the 'band' we saw last night as circus-cartoon-blip-hop. But this is why I'm not a music writer. http://www.myspace.com/bkmatua #
  • getting the hang of this #Argentina schedule: wake up late, walk around all afternoon, coffee+pastry around 5 pm, dinner at 9 or 10, go out #
  • Sad we won't be visiting Coronel Pringles, Argentina on this trip. Note that in SA they pronounce pringles (even the snack) as "Preen-gless" #
  • Ugh paid $50 for a #LonelyPlanet book here in #BuenosAires Travel books other than LP are hard to find on the road, even on the Kindle. #
  • RT @FabstBlueRibbon You know I'm missing DC when I just made @nvioli YouTube Overnight Scenario #
  • Had an awesome day walking around #SanTelmo #039;s Sunday market w live music, handicrafts, antiques, etc. Made up for missing #CraftyBastards #


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