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  • made it to #Maputo in one sweaty piece. I suppose we should've known Africa would be hot. Heading to #Tofo beach in the next day or 2! #Moz #
  • on the bus to Moz. already missing our rental car that left on time & didn't stop every 30 minutes or force us to watch Fast & Furious #
  • We found ourselves at 'the birthplace of Amarula' today. Sometimes the stars align! #
  • back from a few wonderful & exhausting days in #Kruger park. saw all of 'the big 5' and much more. headed to #Maputo #Mozambique tmrw! #
  • enjoyed campsite-kitchen cooked butternut squash risotto & bottle of SA pinotage while watching a hyena 10 ft away. love #SouthAfrica #


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