Yum: Nali Hot Sauce

Unfortunately, we were not in Malawi long enough to get a good taste for what the country’s cuisine is all about (unless it really is just chicken and chips, in which case we had more than enough time to get a taste for it…), but one thing we loved about every meal in Malawi was the addition of the country’s beloved piri-piri sauce. Nali comes in mild, hot, gold, and garlic, the last one being my personal favorite, because it is not too hot but very tasty, so I don’t have to end all my meals in tears. Nali Garlic also makes the perect burger topping or chips condiment when mixed with ketchup. We left the country with only two souvenirs: bottles of Nali Hot and Nali Garlic. ‘Nuff said!

Nali Hot Sauce
Nali Hot Sauce


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