Half a Year in Numbers

As 2011 draws to a close, and our trip has entered its second half, we thought we’d give you some stats on our journey so far. We’re blown away to learn some of these numbers, and can’t wait to see what happens to them before the end of the trip!

10 countries visited
9 islands visited (8 in the Galapagos, 1 in Mozambique)
18 national parks visited
13 UNESCO World Heritage Sites visited
18,000+ kilometers traveled on surface transportation
8 forms of transportation to get from A to B (bus, minivan, train, truck, airplane, bike, horse, boat)
12 bus rides that lasted longer than 10 hours
21 hours on the longest bus ride
3 times we’ve hitchhiked
4369 photos and videos taken
21 weeks spent below the equator
14 types of meat we’ve eaten, that we know of (beef, pork, chicken, lamb, venison, wild boar, alpaca, guinea pig, ostrich, kudu, springbok, wildebeast, impala, warthog)
4 countries in which we’ve seen flamingoes (Ecuador, Bolivia, Mozambique, Tanzania)
2 times people have guessed Claudia is from Oregon based on accent (?!)
1 attempted mugging (Colombia)
1 attempted pickpocketing (Colombia)
3 Dollars Nick has spent on haircuts
33 Dollars Claudia has spent haircuts
3 haircuts we’ve each given each other
3 times Claudia has used a hair dryer
5895 meters above sea level at the highest altitude we’ve been
30 meters below sea level at the lowest altitude we’ve been


3 responses to “Half a Year in Numbers”

  1. Zanzibar is an island!

    1. I know… but we visited it in the second half of the year!

  2. LOVED this post, especially that you have given each other 3 haircuts and that Claud has been mistaken for an Oregonian!

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