Yum: Coca Cola’s East African Concoctions

Our Favorite East African Sodas
Our Favorite East African Sodas

It’s simple: Tanzania won the soda lottery. I don’t know what we Americans did to piss off the Coca-Cola company, causing them to deprive the U.S. of the incredibly tasty Krest Bitter Lemon and Stoney Tangawizi, but trust me, we’re missing out! Bitter Lemon is refreshing, crisp, and tastes like a strong lemonade but without the sugary aftertaste. It’s delicious on its own, but also works wonderfully with gin and/or Campari.

Stoney Tangawizi, which would probably be better suited as a rapper’s name in the U.S., is essentially a ginger beer. We learned that Tangawisi is a Congolese medicinal drink containing lots of ginger. It’s still sweet like ginger ale, but spicier, and also very refreshing. It too makes a tasty mixer and we especially enjoyed it with dark, spiced rum.


5 responses to “Yum: Coca Cola’s East African Concoctions”

  1. Dave Metz Avatar

    I swear this is not related to the fact that I just e-mailed back Nick – I saw this and became jealous. Our sodas are, more or less, uniformly awful. Sigh. Want.

  2. Can you ship us a case??

    1. I wish!

  3. Stephen myers Avatar
    Stephen myers

    Holla for a dolla!!! You be preachin’ to the choir!!!!!!! Hombre

  4.  Avatar

    After spending 3 months in East Africa I completely and whole-heartedly agree with everything this post says… All I want right now is a Krest!

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