Video Dump 4: Tanzania

We loved Tanzania, and found so many parts of it so photogenic that inevitably took too many videos (is videogenic a word?), so here’s another dump of those videos that didn’t make their way into any of our posts.

One video of the adorable chimpanzees of Gombe Stream National Park:

If you weren’t sure before, here’s proof that baboons are dumb as stumps:

Two breathtaking videos from the middle of the Kilimanjaro climb, from camp on day 3:

…and day 5:

And an interview with the crew to see how they’re feeling a few hours before making the summit push:


One response to “Video Dump 4: Tanzania”

  1. courtney Avatar

    awwwww! i loved getting to hear your voices! thanks for always keeping us updated on your adventures. I’m so in awe of you both. hugs from far far away!

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