Yum: Where the Chapatti At?

Let’s not sugar coat this: generally speaking, Africa is not exactly full of culinary delights. We ate chicken and chips for dinner more times than I care to remember, and for about two weeks our diet consisted almost exclusively of corn, bananas, peanut butter, and crackers– that’s all we could find. So when you find a dish that is available everywhere (and sometimes it’s the only thing available) and you actually love it, you get excited. For us, this snack was called a “Rolex”. We discovered it as soon as we got to Uganda. It consists of warm, doughey chapattis (an Indian bread that is similar to roti and naan) with an omellete rolled up inside. A Rolex usually costs about $.50 to $1, depending on its size and ingredients (veggies, potatoes, meat, avocado, etc.). The chapattis and omelletes are made fresh, right before you. And the best part is that you can find chapattis and Rolexes on roadside stands almost anywhere in Uganda!

Cooking Chapattis
Cooking Chapattis

We could understand why it’s called a “Rolex” since it comes rolled up, but when I told a group of Ugandans that a Rolex is an expensive watch brand, they reacted with a resounding “no way!!”


4 responses to “Yum: Where the Chapatti At?”

  1. Dave Metz Avatar

    I love this post. Why?

    1. Love all the food posts, perhaps predictably. I think that this definitely has potential as an actually tasty treat. Egg + meats + veggies + bread = great. Frankly, egg makes everything better.

    2. That Nelly song is infectiously fun to listen to. No, seriously. I love that song. It’s probably considered “bad rap,” but who cares? It’s really catchy. This song occupies a similar place for me as “Since U Been Gone.”

    Great stuff, guys! Keep up the writing!

    1. ha! yes, the entire time in Uganda I was:
      1- singing “Where the party at?” and
      2- thinking a chapatti food truck would do really well in DC. There are not enough breakfast street food options.

  2. Jeff Ganan Avatar

    What?!?!? Still haven’t been able to figure out why the video got posted but that song is pretty amazing

    1. Claudia Avatar

      read the title of the post again to the tune of the song 🙂 (that was stuck in my head for all of Uganda!)

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