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  • I wish we had taken the giardia meds a week ago! Feeling so much better & finally in good shape for @nvioli's dad's arrival in a few hours! #
  • Overall, kayaking class was a bit of a mixed bag. Need to finally kill this bug we picked up in India so we can move on with this trip. #
  • Surprisingly productive afternoon in #Kathmandu picked up #Myanmar visa app, got trekking& #Annapurna park permit. Kayaking class tomorrow! #
  • Walked into pharmacy, told them I think I have giardia, bought medicine (w/out prescrip) that cost $0.50. Take note, US health care system. #
  • Left India with what I'm pretty sure is giardia, but landed in #Nepal safely. Easiest on-arrival visa ever. Ready for mountains & less cows! #
  • Spent our final days in India taking it easy in #Jodhpur rooftops, visiting the treehugging-Bishnoi villages & great shopping. #


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