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  • It's cloudy and the island wifi is working for a change! The perfect day for copious amounts of espresso and pigging out on Internet. #
  • Fortunately, one of us is used to spending 40 hours/week dealing with dirty water! #
  • Disappointed w/ amount of plastic trash in water/on beach. Kayaked to a cleaner bay but still found plenty of litter underwater 🙁 #KohTao #
  • Claudia's current and random inability to handle very spicy food comes at quite an inopportune time! #Thailand #
  • After taxis/buses/flight/ferry we're in #KohTao There was some serious riff raff on the ferry but our bungalow's in a chill, pretty spot. #
  • .@emulch Nick's answer: Having our own space we're not paying for nightly; not living out of a backpack. Ditto beer. After India, burgers. in reply to emulch #
  • .@emulch Claudia's answer: 1)the cats 2)the world's tastiest beer selection 3) AC & heating 4) being able to drink tap water w/out treatment in reply to emulch #
  • Arrived in #Bangkok 1) it's 1000 degrees 2) street food = amazing 3) Khao San Road = Cancun. Time for overnight bus+ferry to #KohTao #
  • "Every orifice I have has betrayed me." -@nvioli's dad on travel in the subcontinent. We keep making visitors sick. Sorry everyone! #
  • Last day in #Nepal Two days from now will be on a beach in #KohTao #Thailand… fingers crossed everything works out! #
  • Got our plane tickets to #Bangkok for Friday. Time is going by really, really, really, really quickly! Taking suggestions for Thai beaches! #
  • Really enamored with mountains. If only someone could figure out how to move some closer to #DC .. #
  • Happy birthday @crowls! Miss and love you! #
  • Back from a great 5-day trek in the #Annapurna mountains. Best views we've had of snow-capped 7000+ m peaks on this trip! #Nepal #


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