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  • Arrived in #Kep on the #Cambodia coast. It's famous for crabs which we plan on devouring tonight. Missing #Maryland & Cantler's! #
  • 1 of our most favorite experiences of this entire trip: Election night in #Mandalay #Myanmar #Burma #NLD #AungSanSuuKyi http://t.co/zVvv51qD #
  • Visited the Killing Fields outside #PhnomPenh today. Wow. Very moving. #Cambodia has come a far way in just over 30 years. #
  • Sitting out the hottest part of the day in #PhnomPenh in our AC-ed hotel room, listening to music sent by @kel835 & blogging 🙂 #
  • Southeast Asia is obsessed with Angry Birds #
  • #PhnomPenh #Cambodia: lovely people, tons of clean green spaces, $2 pitchers, $3 steaks #love (except for the heat!) #
  • Just found out Breaking Bad's 5th & final season will air summer 2012-2013. We're on S3 & totally addicted. It better not end like Lost #
  • Just got to #PhnomPenh Looks like a gorgeous city and our $30/night boutique hotel is killer! #Cambodia #
  • Well, it's no Discovery shuttle flying overhead or anything, but we'll be back in DC in exactly 69 days! Crazy. #
  • Cambodian cooking class was really fun. One of the best classes we've taken. Food was delic as well–similar to Thai but less spicy. #
  • Today: taking a Cambodian cooking class, then checking out Angkor Wat! #SiemReap #
  • Representing DC & @mellowmushroom in #Bangkok during #Songkran http://t.co/IxoV81Qh cc @mehtaMANtoday #
  • Check out our #India photoset – we loved taking photos here! http://t.co/GRwIajMR #
  • "you know why's worse than being a professional pingpong player? Being a professional pingpong fan" -@nvioli yeah, we're watching TV in Asia #
  • #SiemReap delicious food scene, world-class temples & great shopping. Wonder why Aguas Calientes, Agra, Giza, etc couldn't have done better #
  • Now @paypal wants "Substantiation that your account is not held for the benefit of a person or organization in Myanmar" kinda dramatic, jeez #


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  1. Yael Cannon Avatar
    Yael Cannon

    Next time you’re in San Francisco, go eat at Burma Superstar. It’s one of the best restaurants I’ve ever been to, and you can revisit some of these dishes (hopefully, the better ones, at least)!

    1. Claudia Avatar

      Nice, sounds great! We’ve been thinking about how we’re going to find good southeast Asian food when we get back to DC. Unfortunately, I think it’s going to involve going deep into the VA suburbs, but it might be worth it! We’re hoping to find good Vietnamese, and maybe even a Cambodian or Laotian restaurant, although that’s probably asking for too much!

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