Kampot: Riverside Relaxation and Sunset Lover’s Dream

Our last stop in Cambodia brought us to the aforementioned town of Kampot, of peppercorn fame. We spent a few relaxing days on the riverside, during which we enjoyed the slow pace of life, ate many pepper-infused meals, drank excellent local coffee, and blissed out on some of the most incredible sunsets we’ve seen all year.

Kampot Sunset
Kampot Sunset

The one excursion from the town saw us renting a scooter and scooting up a nearby hill to see what was billed as a crumbling midcentury resort and hill station. Unfortunately, progress is making its steady march forward, and we passed some hideous new development on our way up and found the hotel amid a fresh round of construction, trading its signature orange lichen facade for a web of scaffolding and drab concrete. We still enjoyed the ride up and the expansive views all the way to the ocean, and managed to find one decaying building not yet resigned to refurbishment.

Bokor Hill Hotel
Bokor Hill Hotel

We also dined on a ridiculously delicious rack of pork ribs, a meal that left us full and happy for another reason as well: we shared a table with a British guy who has been traveling for six years, and who was going home the next day. Talking with him about our thoughts and feelings on traveling and places we’ve both been to left us with a feeling of awe and inspiration of his travels, and helped us to understand our own trip a little better.

Buddha Painting in Hill Station Ruins
Buddha Painting in Hill Station Ruins

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2 responses to “Kampot: Riverside Relaxation and Sunset Lover’s Dream”

  1. Gorgeous sunset! I’ve been following your blog for a while now, loving being able to relive many of the places we traveled on our 2007-2008 RTW. As we prepare for our next big adventure, driving the Pan American to Patagonia in a couple of years, I can’t help but also dream of Africa and Asia!
    I look forward to continuing to follow your journey and hear how you deal with being back home when it’s all over:)

    1. Hi Rhonda! Thanks for reading. We’ve thought a lot about the pros and cons to doing the trip the way we are: someone we met called it window-shopping. We’ve seen many incredible things, but the list of places we want to come back to and spend more time at is probably longer. And Patagonia is very high on that list; I’m sure you’ll have an awesome time.

      Two suggestions:
      You might enjoy reading panamnotes.com . We met these folks in Cusco.
      And you simply must read In Patagonis by Bruce Chatwin; one of my very favorite travel books.

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