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  • Time traveling. Today will last 29 hours for us. Pit stop in Moscow (!) for wifi and battery charging. Can't wait to get to #Rome #
  • Today Nick lost his uncle Doug to pancreatic cancer. We are sending lots of love to our family & wishing we could be there to support them. #
  • Last day in Asia (flying to Rome tmrw). We've loved it so much here. Guess we'll spend this rainy Hanoi day eating our way thru the city! #
  • Devouring the delicious pho cuon, papaya salad, West Lake shrimp cakes, beef pho, and banana che I just learned to make @hanoicooking! #
  • Vietnamese cuisine: officially our fave of the 18 countries we've visited in the last 11 months. So much variety, flavor, texture, freshness #
  • Anyone taken a cooking class in #Hanoi and can recommend? Thanks! #
  • Weather in Rome: 60-75F. Yes! In 5 days we will stop sweating for the 1st since March 16, when we left Nepal for SE Asia! #
  • Flying Aeroflot from Hanoi to Rome through Moscow next weekend. Here's to hoping for quality vodka and no bread lines on the flight. #
  • Great day rock climbing, complete with the biggest spider we've ever seen, fire ants, butterflies & a snake hiding in a crack on a route! #


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