Video Dump 6: Southeast Asia

Hello and welcome to our sixth and likely final video dump. This one covers our time in Southeast Asia: Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. Enjoy!

First, here are two more videos of the election night celebration in Mandalay, Myanmar:

Next, a Thingyan (New Years celebration / water fight) stage in Yangon:

And now, a “graduation” party we came across where some novice Buddhist monks were celebrating finishing their time at the monastery:

A few seconds of peace with a butterfly patch in a field in northern Laos:

The Vietnamese love their caged birds, and here’s one with a unique skill:

Finally, here’s some fodder for the pub quiz: Hanoi has the world’s largest ceramic mosaic. Here’s a section of it (with bonus motorbikes and assorted street traffic):


2 responses to “Video Dump 6: Southeast Asia”

  1. Cheller Avatar

    Didn’t know about the world’s largest ceramic mosaic. Were you on a motor cycle or in a bus, or what?

    1. We were in the back of a cab. Boring! Hopefully you can see the mosaic pretty well; parts of it are really beautiful

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