Yum: Gelato!

Eating gelato at least once a day while in Italy is completely unavoidable. I am willing to risk not fitting into any of my clothes at the end of my trips there if it means I can stop for ice cream about as many times a day as I refill my water bottle. Gelaterias are almost on every block in most Italian cities, so really, self-restraint has no chance of prevailing here.

So Happy!
So Happy!

The thing about Italian gelato that some people don’t like is its “lack” of texture. Most of the flavors are really smooth and creamy; you won’t find chocolate-covered pretzels, miniature cinnamon buns, or chunks of raw cookie dough here.  And while most gelaterias have a few dozen flavors, I’ve always been a big fan of the classics like nocciola (hazelnut) or dark chocolate. However, not being one to discriminate when it comes to desserts, I’m also a sucker for trying flavors that I know I will probably not find anywhere else. Some of my favorite finds were caramelized fig (at Giolitti in Rome), hazelnut meringue, ginger + cinnamon (both at San Crispino in Rome), spicy chocolate (at Vestri in Florence), ricotta + pear, and gorgonzola + nuts (both at Gelateria dei Neri in Florence). I’ll be back for the remaining 856 flavors that I didn’t get to this time, lactose intolerance be damned!

Less than Half of Giolitti's Flavors
Less than Half of Giolitti’s Flavors


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