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  • Fun weekend in #WV attempting to landscape our friends' farm & climbing at Seneca Rocks. Definitely need some more practice trad climbing! #
  • Dutch Couchsurfers on wine: "we buy from a German website where you can sort by alcohol content" #
  • Eating cookies, drinking an espresso, and wishing I was in #BuenosAires or #Rome where they do this multiple times a day! #
  • Good thing I have 3 upcoming weekend trips in the next 4 weeks! WV, Burlington VT and NYC. Reconnecting with the east coast! #
  • Love talking/emailing w travelers to offer advice& exchange stories, but these days it's making me really nostalgic. Itching to hit the road #
  • Our Dutch Couchsurfers on Obama's helicopters & motorcades in #DC "our prime minister rides his bicycle to work!" <3 Europe! #


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