Celebrating Love in East Hampton



This fall has afforded me some great East Coast and Midwest travel (thanks, dysfunctional government, for those 16 days off!).

My first fall trip was to East Hampton, Long Island, where a group of extremely fun gals and one lucky guy spent a long weekend in September celebrating the upcoming nuptials of one of my dearest friends Joyce. Her house is set on the stunning north coast of the South Fork on Gardiners Bay, facing slightly west for perfect sunset viewing. I spent most of the weekend laying in the grass, lifting my head up slightly to stare out at the gorgeous bay, and brainstorming how I could best convince Joyce’s family that they needed a full time live-in caretaker who happens to be me, and who could be available for immediate hire. Here are some of my favorite shots of the weekend. I’ll let you all know when they finally get around to hiring me!

Adirondacks in the Back Yard
Salsa Window at La Fondita
Something about this scene makes me think of Dr Seuss
Sunset Over Gardiners Bay
This Back Yard Is a Dream


Sailboat in Gardiners Bay
Sunset Group Shot


The Beautiful Bride-to-Be!

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