36 Hours in Tiny Montenegro

Our time being tight as it was, we limited our stay in Montenegro to 36 quick hours. With unlimited time, we would have loved to explore the canyons and mountains of the interior, but in order to make our way south, we opted for just a quick stop in the country’s undisputed highlight: the Bay of Kotor, a convenient stopover between the Croatian coast and Albanian highlands.

We didn’t get a good feel for the people or culture of this Connecticut-sized country that used to be part of Yugoslavia, especially because we were in probably the most touristy area. Montenegro has a close relationship with Russia, and many Russians spend their vacations on the seaside here, so at times we weren’t sure if everyone around us was speaking Montenegrin or Russian!

Our one full day in this tiny but varied country happened to by my birthday, and we spent the day biking along the water, wandering around the city’s historical streets, stopping in on a museum featuring an impressive collection of historical cat-themed postcards, and slogging up (and up and up and up) the city’s protective walls and fortresses for an amazing panoramic view of the bay. We ate seafood for dinner, of course, and then wandered the piazzas with gelato before resting up for the trip over the border into Albania!

Fortress Walls and Old Town Kotor
Kotor City Walls
Bay of Kotor
Bay of Kotor
Cat Museum!
Cats Museum
Sunset over Bay of Kotor
Sunset over the Bay
Fortress Walls
View from Kotor’s Bus Stop

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