Not Yum: Empanada de Globo

More like Empanada de Aire. No wonder they were ten cents each. Mot disappointing empanada ever!

Worst Empanada Ever
Empanada de Globo


3 responses to “Not Yum: Empanada de Globo”

  1. Looks like the fried puffs you can get in New Orleans. A little fried dough, a little sugar and you’re good to go!

  2. I was getting a massage when the earthquake hit, so once we realized it was an EARTHQUAKE all I could think of was how am I going to run out of the building with no clothes on! Lucky for me it wasn’t bad enough to have to escape the building.
    Good for you on Moby Dick. I’ve never been able to read it or even listen to it being read to me! I just finished reading The Women about the women Frank Lloyd WRight was involved with. Really well written and interesting — by T.C. Boyle. His short stories are amazing and Tortilla Curtain is a searing look at immigration in California. Now I’m reading The Pushcart War, a children’s book which sums up how wars are started in an imaginative war between the big trucks and the little pushcarts in New York City.

    1. Claudia Avatar

      thanks for all the reading suggestions! We’ll have to check some of those out!

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