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  • Girl behind me on the bus was using Netipot, is now vomiting #FML #
  • Okay so this @CruzdelSur bus is amazing… but this is the 4th Adam Sandler movie I've seen on a bus in 2 days! What gives #Peru ! #
  • On a bus #Ica >#Cuzco. Huge seats recline almost all the way, wifi, hot meals, stewardess, headphones for movie so u can sleep if u want to! #
  • Wish we could bring all our East Coast friends away from Hurricane Irene to come with us on a pisco/wine tour & duneboarding this afternoon! #
  • Was sad to leave #Lima but spending today in #Ica where most Pisco is made. Hotel's surrounded by giant sand dunes. Bus to #Cusco tonight! #
  • Finished the Kafkaesque process of reserving #MachuPicchu entrance and train tickets for Wednesday. Excited! #
  • thinking of our friends and family in DC… first an earthquake and now bracing for a hurricane? Stay safe guys! Miss you. #
  • Amazing pork belly/coleslaw sushi for lunch today @ Maido in #Lima followed by Pinkberry & La Turumba, a Cirque du Soleil-type performance! #
  • Anyone have tips on Peru–>Bolivia border crossing? Which one around Titicaca is best if you need to get a visa? #
  • Met a friend's wife for the 1st time (she's awesome) &ate at the cute #LA73 in #Barranco #Lima. Love this city even more than the last time! #
  • Lima has this health care thing figured out. Even w/out insurance, visit+labs tests+prescriptions cost < $90 total. Plus clinic was CLEAN! #
  • & trip to Ricardo Palma Clinic to make sure Nick doesn't have appendicitis. Turns out it's GI & that was nicest/most efficient Dr visit ever #
  • today in #Lima so far- lunch at La Mar, my fave seafood spot – scallops a la lomo saltado, ceviche of course, shrimp/crab tempura sushi. YUM #
  • Passionfruit pisco sours & anticuchos (beef heart kebabs) @ #Hauringas in #Lima FTW! Man, I love Lima. Thanks for the rec @cha_martin! #
  • The package we mailed Quito to DC on 7/12 just arrived! And there I was cursing Ecuador's postal service. It was just working its way in… #
  • Met 2 Swiss guys in my hostel who are biking from Quito all the way to Tierra del Fuego…& they're taking the mountain routes! #legsofsteel #
  • Lucho's- Huaraz, Peru- brewed w coca leaves! MT @positivetravel What is your favourite beer from your travels? We are enjoying a Tona … in reply to positivetravel #
  • Last night in #Huaraz Peru. Heading to #Lima tomorrow where we will eat & drink our way through the city, starting with La Mar! So stoked. #
  • Just got back from the wonderful 4-day #SantaCruz trek in the #CordilleraBlanca Feet hurt & everything's dirty but the views were worth it! #


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