Videos: Bogota, Salento, Galapagos

While we put the finishing touches on our next and last Galapagos post (and a few other goodies we’re working on for you), here are some videos we’ve taken on the trip. Uploading videos takes a long time and a lot of patience with the hostel and cyber cafe Internet connections we’ve been forced to use, so while we’d love to upload videos faster so that we can include them in the post where we’re talking about the subject matter, it won’t always be possible and we might have to resort to a video dump like this at times when our Internet connection is more reliable.

You can always view all our videos on the butforthesky youtube page.

Here is a video of an exhibit at Bogota’s gold museum. We were in a round, enclosed room with the walls covered in ancient gold artifacts. For about 3-5 minutes, lights lit up and then dimmed again around the room, above and below us, and the sound of pre-Colombian priests chanting came from all sides.

Here’s a silly little video I took of people waiting in line for the funicular to descend Monserrate in Bogota.

Here’s a few seconds of our open-air jeep ride with around 12 other people from the Valle del Cocora back to Salento, Colombia.

And finally, here is a video of the daily migration of marine iguanas on the beach on Isabela island in the Galapagos. Every afternoon, hundreds of iguanas made this trek from the safety of the ocean to the porches and walls of our hostel. By all moving at once, and gathering in just a few spots, the young are safer from introduced predators such as dogs and rats.


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  1. Cheller Avatar

    How cool is that!!!

  2. Video of the Monserrate in Bogota line might be my fave!

  3. Sounds like you guys have a better internet connection than I do.

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