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  • Yesterday: Spanish class, rock climbing, salsa class, bar w/ big patio & bonfire. Today: class, biking past waterfalls/mountains. Banos FTW! #
  • Check out our friends' blog for an interview on our trip so far! RT @ishouldlogoff: Traveler Talk Back: Nick & Claudia su.pr/30c5wR #
  • Had an IPA & a stout at a La Cascada brewery in Banos last night. You have no idea how happy this made us, in a land of light beer! #
  • Ecuadorians really, really, really love karaoke. #
  • Just arrived in beautiful Banos, where we're staying in Claudia's Spanish teacher's gorgeous house w mountain views out our window! Chevere! #
  • Camera troubles. So far, boo @canonfacts; (tentatively) yay @americanexpress! #WeWerePromisedSetbacks #
  • There's a spot here w $25 unlimited wine & tapas. Expensive for Ecuador, but I've had 1 glass of wine in 5 week so it's looking pretty good! #
  • We've had a lot of empanadas on this trip so far, but none of them beat Julia's in DC. Peru,Bolivia,Argentina,Chile– show me what you got! #


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