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  • Loja bored us to death, and turning 31 is boring enough, so we jumped on a bus to Vilcabamba for a night! Peru can wait a day! #
  • Arrived in Loja, Ecuador after 11 hrs of buses yesterday. Looking forward to local celebrations today, then to Piura, Peru overnight tonight #
  • Left our cozy homestay in Banos after a wonderful 9 days; heading to Loja tomorrow & hope to cross into Peru early Sunday morning! #
  • Took us 6 days of being in Baños to visit the thermal baths after which the town is named. The volcano warms the water to a scorching 118F! #
  • The garbage truck here sounds like the Good Humor truck back home! #Banos #Ecuador #confusing #
  • Awesome day at the spa followed by fondue dinner. Yay early birthday present! #
  • Nick got a haircut for $3 here in Banos, Ecuador, and it actually looks good! #


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