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  • Rock climbing today, then heading out on a 4-day trek through the Cordillera Blanca tomorrow (http://t.co/ODZ6DTH). Stoked! #
  • Listening to ppl talk about Michelle Rhee and the DC school system while eating breakfast in Huaraz, Peru. Wait, am I back home?! Confused! #
  • Yesterday we toured Chan Chan, the largest adobe city in the world. The French guy who kept puking during the tour kept things interesting. #
  • I've been wondering what reggaeton is. Also been wondering what that crappy music we keep hearing everywhere is. Finally put 2+2 together. #
  • Also, buses in Peru are nicer than most airplanes. You even get a snack! #
  • After 2 overnight buses & 2 daytime buses, including getting off in the wrong city once (oops), we've finally arrived in Huaraz, Peru! #


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