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  • Heading to #Hanoi on Wed., then motorbiking in NE #Vietnam for 6 days! Very excited. Hope we can each handle a 125cc scooter. Amateurs! #
  • While N America celebrates Cinqo de Mayo, pretending Corona isn't crap for a day, we're gonna celebrate Buddha's bday! Now, to find a party! #
  • It's weird: we only couchsurfed 2x in 10+ months of travel, but can't wait to host once we get back home. Are we better hosts than guests? #
  • Spending a lot of our short time in #Laos thinking about all the places we'll have to come back to. Time is running out & it's lovely here! #
  • There's black sawdust falling from our hotel room's ceiling. For the 1st time in 45 weeks, I really miss our crappy Ikea bed, cat hair & all #
  • Checked out the @copelaos center in #Vientiane today. They work on ridding the country of UXOs and help rehabilitate victims. Very moving. #
  • #Motorbiking in northern #Vietnam anyone have experience doing it on your own vs. with a guide? Thoughts/recommendations? #
  • After 10+ months of taking overnight buses, last night was our 1st actual "sleeper" bus, as in bunk beds. Kinda amazing. #Laos #
  • Eating a smoked salmon bagel in a cafe in #Vientiane #Laos on a street that reminds us of #Mendoza #Argentina Same same, but different. #
  • 1 thing we've learned from traveling: the US doesn't tolerate naked children and most of the world doesn't tolerate half naked Americans #
  • Jungle adventure was so fun! Tmrw: figure out how to spend next 3-4 weeks in #Laos & #Vietnam Cld spend yrs here & not scratch the surface! #


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